The House with Charm and Tradition

«««„Enjoy your recreation time  – with flair and fun“ «««

Sport and fitness, nature and recreation,
games and fun, culture and sociability – Floersheim-Dalsheim and the surrounding area provide a lot of recreational opportunities.


During the summer month there are a
lot of convivial events in several wineries
in or around Floersheim-Dalsheim.
Sociability and coziness are very important
for the local people. There are many
opportunities to sit together and talk
and also there are many reasons
to celebrate.

Visitors and guests
are always invited to join in,
we celebrate together.


Fixed events in Floersheim-Dalsheim are:

„Weinhöfefest“ (where the wineries celebrate in their courtyards) on weekend before last in August

„Fleckenmauerfest“, ( celebration about the old city wall) once in four years on 2nd weekend in September

Enjoy live-music, delicious food and great wines from local wine growers.

These events are for sure worth to visit.